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We offer new and used aircraft of all types for aerial firefighting. Fixed wing and rotary.


Exclusive use / Pay-as-you-go 

Government agency hire program of fixed wing and rotary aircraft

Fire Domain Awareness

Cutting edge training and technology giving ICS commanders complete domain awareness on the fire ground

Firecatcher Aircraft 

The F-25 Single Engine Air Tanker carries 2500 litres of water or retardant and is available for the 2021 fire season with our new design Scooper


The F-45 is a new clean sheet design, that will be the largest single engine air tanker in the world. It will carry 4500 litres of water or retardant for the lowest operating cost of its class, and can scoop without being amphibious

Available for delivery in 2024

Both aircraft are available under the EUPAYG program for Government agencies


Government agencies globally will be feeling the effects of Covid-19 for many years to come. Fighting wildfires is expensive in all aspects, however technology and training programs now allow government agencies to be agile and reactive in the rapidly changing climate emergency.




We are able to offer assistance globally for all matters concerning wildfire suppression, containment and community training


Exclusive Use ~

Pay-as-you-Go Aerial Fire Suppression

Keep the aircraft for 365 days a year

Pay for it when you use it!


Community Training & Awareness

Safety Management Systems

Standard Operating Procedures

Fire Flying Standards & Training

Inventory Available

Immediately available on EUPAYG

  • F-25         2500 ltr Firegate

  • Bell 212 1600 ltr Bucket

  • Bell 212 1800 ltr Snorkel Tank 

  • Bell 205 1200 ltr Bucket

  • AS 332   4000 ltr Snorkel Tank

  • EC225    4000 ltr Snorkel Tank

  • UH-60    4500 ltr Bucket

  • 737-300 15,000 ltr Tanker

Tell us what aircraft you want and let us supply it on the EUPAYG hire program

File Photos of Bell 212, Bell 205, B733