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Wildfire Firefighting Solutions

3000 ltr / 800 Gal - Wildfire Suppression Force Muliplier

3-point linkage tractor attachment that is universal to ALL tractor manufacturers

Ready for Export - Ready for work - Pump and Roll in 60 seconds


Force Multiplier 

Pump & Roll in 60 seconds 

Universal to ALL Tractor Manufacturers

Cat 2,3,4 Head Stock

Local land owner tractors are nearly always the closest vehicles to wildfires and provide incredible opportunities for the Initial Attack time window

Low cost - Collaborative - Simple - Effective - Community Shared

  • Attach FireTrac

  • Connect PTO Pump

  • GO!

FireTrac - Wildfire Force Multiplier

800 Gal / 3000 ltr Tractor Linkage Wildfire Suppression

  • Heavy Duty All Terrain Frame

  • Cat 2,3 or 4 Head Stock - 3 point rear linkage

  • Universal across all mfr's

  • Heady duty dual wheel bogey - 360 swivel - (stability only)

  • Branch & Hose Lockers

  • 4 x Heavy Duty Yard Storage Stands

  • All weather cover 

  • 540 PTO Self Priming pump - direct to shaft

  • Storz D couplings

  • Delta Fire Series 100 Pro Branch

  • Cab or Walk along Hoses as standard

  • Fork Lift / Tele-handler pick up (yard movement & shipping)

  • Front Mud Guard - Monitor clip

Empty Weight 750kg / 1655 lbs

2.5 mtrs / 98.5 inches wide

2.3 mtrs / 90.5 inches long

2.05 mtrs / 80.7 inches height

Shipping heights different 

FireTrac Yard.jpg


Government agencies globally will be feeling the effects of Covid-19 for many years to come.

Fighting wildfires is expensive in all aspects, however technology and training programs now allow government agencies to be agile and reactive in the rapidly changing climate emergency.


Now is the time to start engaging with the agricultural community to work and train collaboratively to ensure wildfire prone areas have the necessary equipment and basic training to be effective in the event of fire being noticed in the rural landscape and providing that critical Initial Attack capability safely whilst the professional fire agencies are typically still en-route 



We are able to offer assistance globally for all matters concerning wildfire suppression, containment and community training

Low Cost

Immediately ready for export

Ships in standard shipping containers

Perfect for communities

Imperative for harvesting contractors


Community Training & Awareness

Safety Management Systems

Standard Operating Procedures

Communications & ICS training

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