Arcus Fire Caddy:

46 ltrs of water can be connected to any commercial leaf blower creating a long endurance highly mobile and efficient water mist suppression capability that is perfect for Grass/Brush/Prairie - The unit is also perfect for use with prescribed or back burns.

The geometry of the caddy, ensures that even when full of water you can manoeuvre the caddy with only a couple of fingers. The waist weight on the harness for tow-along is 1.5kg's when full.

The caddy has twin drum brakes, along with a large stowage bag for hand crews to place their personal backpack into.

The quick change 23 ltr tanks take less than 10 seconds to swop out when in the field and are fitted with integral micro water filters as standard.

The small lightweight 12v waterpump is a military grade IP67 waterproof unit regulated to pump between 500ml to 1150ml of water per minute and is self priming. The fire operator can regulate the water flow according to the flame height and fuel type of the vegetation fire. The pump has a typical life in excess of 20,000 hrs 

Fire departments and land managers can easily put three or four of these units into a standard 4x4 pick-up or type 7 vehicle and provide rapid initial attack and efficient fire control. The unit is also easily transportable for Helitack crews also.

Each unit comes with three tanks as standard, tanks are also sold separately 

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