Innovation in Sustained Wildfire Suppression 

The Arcus Wildtrack is a fusion of existing COTS technology primarily developed from the winter sports/snow industry, the donor chassis is a Prinoth Panther T8 and the water turbine is either an HKD Blue turbine specifically designed for Arcus Fire and our vehicles.

The innovative capability to accept water from helicopter water buckets to refill and continue suppressing wildfires over long distances with no road access is something that cannot be underestimated. These true all-terrain vehicles are happy in just about all topography environments.


Our vehicles carry 15,000 litres in the hopper with a max 5% mix capability for water enhancers/Gels/Foam/Retardent


Several studies have been conducted on the issue of (AFUE) Aerial Firefighting Use and Effectiveness including this study undertaken by Airbus Helicopters, as well as the USFS in 2001 here

Effectiveness Comparison 

A helicopter with a 4000 ltr water bucket will suppress approximately 0.4 of an acre per drop assuming it was on target, (linear fire line approx 110m x 10m) flying at approx 45 knots, the helicopter will try and achieve at least 10 drops per flying hour depending on the distance of the water source (3nm assumed) to the fire, suppressing an assumed 4 acres for the 1 hour flying.

The same helicopter refilling the Arcus Wildtrack instead of conducting 'direct attack' will suppress up to 24* acres per hour, this is a potential 500% increase in the effective use of water. (*Subject to topography, fuel source, relative humidity, wind strength and other factors that may apply - assumes linear fire of grass/brush with a flame height of 1.5 meters and suitable topography) 

Please contact us to receive a specification of the Arcus Wildtrack and full-service capabilities we can offer you including Lease Purchase and Turn-In Lease plans

Arcus Fire offers business options for governments that require a dedicated wildfire suppression capability either regionally, seasonally or nationwide. Please contact us to start an informal discussion. 

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