Exclusive Use - Pay as you Go

In many regions around the world wildfires only happen for a few months of the year and some years you have lots of fire and other years you have hardly any! Sound familiar? 

Off-Road all terrain fire engines are typically very expensive to buy and will often sit idle in the fire station/fire house for several months of the year not being used. This makes it very difficult  to justify spending big capital budgets on equipment that has limited use.


The trouble with wildfires is when they come you often need the equipment 'Right Now' and hiring is always subject to availability and deployment logistics.


We now offer fire departments a solution, something that is unique and exclusive:


  • We give you an Arcus Fire Trac JCB4220 5100 litre all terrain fire engine

  • You look after it, clean it and have it available in your fire station/fire house 365 days a year

  • You ONLY pay for it when you use it

    • Min utilisation 30 days per annum (30-120 average day rates available)​

    • Training rate is 15% of day rate (geo-fenced/telematics)

  • Excess day rate over agreed min utilisation discounted rate

  • You decide when you want to / need to use it with NO calendar limitations  

  • Vehicle is all inclusive service supported 

  • Full training given on handover

  • Min 36 month EUPAYG hire agreement

  • Govt agencies only 

  • Contact us now to benefit from this unique opportunity

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