Water Mist / Fogging

Water mist or fogging systems will extinguish a wildfire by rapid cooling and blockage of the radiant heat with reduced water demand when compared to current firefighting hose systems.

MPA Dresden tested the turbine Arcus Fire uses.

The turbine quickly contained a 350 MW (HRR*) fire  

(pool fire: 160㎡ - 2400 ltr fuel) using a 1% AFFF foam mix in 16 seconds versus 65 seconds for standard hoses.

The water turbine achieved containment of the fire 300% quicker than compared to conventional fire hoses. 


TÜV SÜD has certified the water turbine in the following classes: A, B, C and F

Arcus Fire is committed to innovation in wildfire suppression systems.​

*Heat Release Rate

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