The United Nations describes a wildfire as:

"Any unplanned and uncontrolled wildland fire that, regardless of ignition source, may require suppression response or other action according to agency policy"

A globally recognised definition of wildfires also includes one of the conditions below being met.

  • Involves a geographical area of >1 hectare.

  • Has a sustained flame length of >1.5 metres.

  • Requires a committed resource of ≥ 4 FRS appliances.

  • Requires resources to be committed for ≥ 6 hours.

  • Presents a serious threat to life, environment, property and infrastructure.

In 2018 the USA recorded 58,083 wildfires, burning 8,767,492 acres and costing over $3 billion dollars in suppression costs only (throwing water at the ground)  over 80 people lost their lives and over 10,000 structures were destroyed. Insurance claims topped $12 billion USD 

The world of wildfires is now becoming more technical and specialised. 

Arcus Fire is committed to technical equipment innovation, training and service delivery to assist governments globally in wildfire suppression, we can supply a complete and fully outsourced solution including specialist wildfire fire crews, vehicles and aircraft.

Arcus Fire will assist and support academia in researching and defining fuel load management which holds the true key to reducing wildfires.

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